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UK Mini-App Consortium (UKMAC) - Papers

Experiences at scale with PGAS versions of a Hydrodynamics application (pdf)

A.C. Mallinson, W.P. Gaudin, J.A. Herdman, S.A. Jarvis, The 8th International Conference on Partitioned Global Address Space Programming Models (PGAS'14), Oct 7-10, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Optimising Hydrodynamics applications for the Cray XC30 with the application tool suite (pdf)

W.P. Gaudin, A.C. Mallinson, O. Perks, J.A. Herdman, D.A. Beckingsale, J.M. Levesque, M. Boulton, S. McIntosh-Smith, S.A. Jarvis, Awarded Best Paper, The Cray User Group 2014, May 4-8, 2014, Lugano, Switzerland

CloverLeaf: Preparing Hydrodynamics Codes for Exascale (pdf)

A.C. Mallinson, D.A. Beckingsale, W.P. Gaudin, J.A. Herdman, J.M. Levesque, S.A. Jarvis, The Cray User Group 2013, May 6-9, 2013, Napa Valley, California, USA (2013)

Towards Portable Performance for Explicit Hydrodynamics Codes (pdf)

A.C. Mallinson, D.A. Beckingsale, W.P. Gaudin, J.A. Herdman, S.A. Jarvis, The International Workshop on OpenCL (IWOCL) 2013

High-level Abstractions for Performance, Portability and Continuity of Scientific Software on Future Computing Systems

G.R. Mudalige, I.Z. Reguly, M.B. Giles, W. Gaudin, A. Mallinson and O. Perks

Accelerating Hydrocodes with OpenACC, OpenCL, and CUDA

JA Herdman, WP Gaudin, S McIntosh-Smith, M Boulton, DA Beckingsale, AC Mallinson, SA Jarvis, 3rd International Workshop on Performance Modeling, Benchmarking and Simulation (PMBS12), held as part of the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC12), Salt Lake City, November 10-16, 2012.

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